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Stunning Bakongo Nail Fetish

Beautiful crusty patina

Mikondi nail fetishes (NKONDE sg) are rare large anthropomorphic statues. Their role is to stabilize society, to maintain social order.

Despite their terrifying appearance, they are positive, protective of the community against evil. They are used during public rites.

They differ from Minkisi (NKISI sg) which generally measure between 15 and 40 cm and are intended to solve problems of illness, conflicts or fertility. The Mikondi like the Minkisi generally have a ventral cavity which contains a magic charge.


TYPE OF OBJECT: Nail fetish (Nkonde).
MATERIAL: Wood, iron, rope, textile, glass,
and ... "magical substances".
The eyes are bone.
ETHNICITY: Kongo (Bakongo) or Yombe (Bayombe)
ORIGIN: DRC ex Belgian Congo
DIMENSIONS: Height approx. 56 cm
CONDITION: Correct for an object of this type, but not perfect.
(See photos).

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Superb Bakongo Nail Fetish.


TYPE OF OBJECT: Fetish (Nkonde)
ETHNICAL GROUP: Kongo / Bakongo or Yombe (Bayombe)
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Democratic Republic Congo
(ex Zaire, ex Belgian Congo).
MATERIAL: Wood, Iron, Glass, Cord, textile,
.... and "magical substances" Eyes are made from bone.
DIMENSIONS: About 22 inches high.
CONDITION: Fair, but not perfect.
Please have a look on pictures.